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Puppy Pre-School

Due to COVID-19 our puppy pre-school training program is currently not available, apologies for any inconvenience.


Each class consists of 5 weekly sessions for 1 hour each. The session times vary with classes scheduled either week nights or Saturday afternoon.

Class sizes are kept small to allow individual learning time for you and your puppy.

Our classes are taught by an accredited trainer with qualifications and broad experience in canine behaviour and training.

Program Aim:

  • To introduce clients to positive, reward based training methods.
  • To inform clients about the use of rewards in training their puppies and to inform them of the variety of rewards that can be used (verbal, food, toys, life rewards)
  • To instruct clients on the use of these methods to teach puppies basic manners (sit, go to mat, lie down, let's go, come)
  • To teach clients ways to help their puppies be still and calm as well as to have fun with their pups
  • To provide clients with strategies for managing and teaching toilet training to their puppies
  • To provide clients with strategies to eliminate undesirable behaviours such as mouthing (including bite inhibition), chewing on inappropriate items and jumping up
  • To provide a safe environment for puppies to socialise with other puppies and people and become accustomed to different surroundings, sights and sounds
  • To provide information to clients about some aspects of routine pet health care such as nutrition, neutering, internal and external parasite control and how to handle puppy to make it easier for veterinary examination

For more information and bookings please phone 8365 5010.

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